Home of scientists who discovered contaminants in vaccines RAIDED; documents confiscated for the “good of science”

Vaccines are one of the most hotly debated topics today, and their defenders often ask those who voice concerns about vaccines to furnish evidence that they’re bad. While there is no shortage of studies showing the harm they cause, a recent incident reminds us that there is likely a lot more information out there about vaccine dangers that never sees the light of day.

Recently, the home of a pair of world-renowned scientists who found contaminants in several common vaccines was raided, and authorities confiscated documents related to their findings along with computers, flash drives, and years of research.

After publishing a study exposing nanoparticulate contaminants in vaccines, Dr. Antonietta Gatti and her husband, Dr. Stefano Montanari, attracted the attention of authorities in Italy, Europe and the U.S. Dr. Gatti showed that vaccines contain inorganic adjuvants such as steel, tungsten and copper – components that aren’t declared in the vaccine’s labels.

They likely got there during the vaccine creation process or through polluted components. Once injected into a person’s tissue, their danger grows because they become trapped in the tissue and cause permanent inflammation. Is this really something we want injected into anybody, much less babies and toddlers whose bodies are still developing?

Dr. Montanari likened these particles to a bullet. If you’re shot in the heart, he says, it doesn’t matter whether the bullet was made of iron or titanium – you’ve got a hole in your heart either way, and that’s never a good thing. Dr. Gatti was about to testify before the Italian parliament about the dangers of these vaccine contaminants when her home was raided.

How often does this happen?

How many times has this happened before? What else about vaccines have those in power used questionable means to keep under wraps? The truth is that we have no way of knowing, but this and other stories certainly give us a lot to worry about. For example, a scientist who had been researching the link between autism and vaccines, Dr. James Bradstreet, was found floating in a river, dead with a gunshot wound in his chest in 2015. The Georgia doctor was an expert witness in federal court for vaccine-injured families, and just before his death, his office was subjected to a multi-agency raid that was led by the FBI.

Another prominent vaccine truth advocate was also targeted for murder. Dr. Suzanne Humphries reports that after speaking out about the spike in kidney conditions she had seen connected to flu shots, she found herself on the receiving end of death threats. On one occasion, the brake lines in her car were clamped; a service station attendant told her it was clearly a malicious act. Other incidents involved finding a crossbow arrow stuck into her front lawn, someone breaking into her home and turning the gas line on, and somebody spraying her dog with a chemical that temporarily blinded him. Law enforcement was unhelpful, and they haven’t investigated the threats against her.

A 2009 CBS report showed emails from vaccine maker Merck that expressed a desire to “discredit,” “neutralize” or destroy doctors who went against their interests. Instead of investigating these findings and trying to make improvements, they find it easier to simply attack their detractors.

While it’s comforting to know that there are researchers out there trying to get to the bottom of what we’re really injecting into our bodies, they’re fighting an uphill battle given Big Pharma’s far reach in the government as well as the mainstream media.

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