Exactly WHY hemp has been ILLEGAL for 50 years in the USA

Hemp is a very durable, renewable, and sustainable natural fiber that functions as a raw material for thousands of products. The problem? Hemp undermines massive capitalistic, monopolistic industries that don’t want any competition, so the U.S. government has pretended that hemp is the same thing as pot that you smoke to get high, and they’ve done this for 50 years, fooling nearly all Americans into believing that if hemp is legalized, everybody will get stoned all day, and nobody will go to work and pay taxes. That’s why the federal government and Congress classified hemp as a schedule 1 controlled substance; so nobody would ever realize the difference and protest. In fact, the USA is the only developed nation in the entire world that doesn’t cultivate industrial hemp. It’s time you know exactly why.

Get it straight: The function, application, and cultivation of hemp is nothing like that of marijuana. When growing “pot” the female plants are spaced apart well, and the male plants are destroyed so they don’t seed the female plants, which would make them less potent. You see, with hemp, the plants are grown close to each other, creating an abundance of seeds. The stalks are then processed and used for fuel, fiber, paper, textiles, cordage, rope, and very durable building materials, and the seeds become food, supplements, and natural body care products. This is the difference between hemp and pot that the U.S. government does not want everyone to understand.

Plus, hemp requires only half the water that alfalfa does to grow, and also does not need heavy pesticide application. Again, that’s just more valuable information that Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, Dow, Dupont, and the other “Chem-Ag” giants do not want you to figure out.

The pot-hemp brainwash trick propagated by the U.S. Government

Hemp can be grown in almost any soil and requires minimal maintenance. Hemp has less than 0.3 percent THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content, so it won’t get you “high,” yet, the U.S. government wants us all to believe hemp is illegal because it will. Big lie. They have led everyone to think hemp is a dangerous drug, even a narcotic, like cocaine and heroin, and that’s why, by their misleading propaganda, it’s still synonymous with weed that gets you “high.” In fact, until next week when industrial hemp finally becomes legal again in the USA, the DEA will invade your property and arrest you if you defy them.

Financial tycoons in America control the billion dollar enterprises known as the power companies. They are like the mafia and they don’t want any competition. For their dynasties to stay in tact, they led Americans to believe hemp means pot, and pot gets you high. Period. These falsehoods were spread in the 1920s and 1930s using “yellow journalism” with catchy headlines about the dangers of marijuana, including horror stories about car wrecks and overdoses.

There were even propaganda films produced to further stigmatize hemp as the “Devil’s Weed” and the “Assassin of Youth.” Be sure to warn your children about hemp; it’s a violent narcotic that breeds violence and insanity and destroys the soul,” they would claim.

Hemp as economic fuel on a massive scale

Most homes in America have their power delivered by utility companies that also maintain the transmission equipment. Most of these companies have grown into monopolistic, investor-owned corporations that rip off millions of “ratepayers” across a whole state. Meters are often misread or simply miscalculate, and power-paying customers have no way of verifying it or proving otherwise, so they just stroke that check because they have no choice.

PG&E of California services over five million homes. Florida Power & Light is the biggest utility in the Sunshine State, also servicing nearly five million customers. Unless a family has the funds to buy solar panels and wind mills, they virtually have no choice but to “pay out the wazoo” for their electric power.

Farmers around the world, except for in the USA, grow hemp commercially as an economic crop on a massive scale. The hemp currently sold in the U.S. is imported from Canada and China. Imagine the moronic irony of politics: We pay a fortune to other countries for something simple, economical and sustainable that we could cultivate right here.

Have you ever heard any U.S. President even mention hemp as fuel? No. Yet, as our reserves of petroleum are quickly becoming depleted, and as we rely on rogue nations from the Middle East for oil, we could become energy independent nearly over night by simply growing and cultivating industrial hemp on a large scale. We have plenty of land that’s owned and managed by the Federal Government, so don’t let them fool you about that either.

The oil from hemp seeds and stalks can easily be converted into biofuels, like biodiesel (a.k.a. hempoline), that can be used to power engines. Now you know why hemp is illegal to grow in America. Think of the rich, elite, oil tycoons that have run and manipulated this country for a century, like the insidious Rockefellers.

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