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Vaccine dogma is everywhere, from the mainstream media to conventional healthcare practitioners – and its even present at a government level. That’s why keeping up with the latest vaccine research and legislative initiatives is so important. Being well-informed is essential, but getting real information about what’s in vaccines, and what kinds of problems these ingredients can cause, is an uphill battle, at best.

Fortunately, there are sites like – a website dedicated to providing real information on the latest news across the vaccine spectrum. Whether its a story about the latest vaccine push from Big Pharma, a new vaccine bill introduced or new scientific research, has it covered. While the mainstream media is bent on covering up the hazards of inoculation, the independent media still stands up for truth.

Keeping the conversation on vaccines alive

The vaccine debate is quickly devolving into a vaccine dictatorship. Governments around the world are instilling mandatory vaccination policies that threaten health freedom, whether it be the Australian government’s crackdown on free speech regarding vaccine dangers or the sunny state of California’s increasingly tyrannical laws surrounding vaccines, there’s no shortage of examples.

And it’s not just government that’s trying to silence vaccine skepticism: Across the board, from social media websites, search engines, and mainstream media outlet, there is an obvious effort to shutdown any conversation that even smacks of dissidence on the vaccine front.

Look no further that Facebook’s recent announcement about their crackdown on “fake news,” no doubt a thinly veiled attempt at dismantling independent media sites and silencing those who support health freedom and independent thought. Keeping the conversation on vaccines alive is essential to keeping tyranny at bay.

Learn all about vaccines in one place

Finding truth in a world of propaganda can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, but with, you can easily access the latest articles on independent vaccine research, upcoming vaccine legislation, and news regarding the fraud and propaganda pushed by the industry. These are the kinds of stories you won’t see published by the legacy media, which is firmly seated in the vaccine industry’s pocket.

Recently published research confirmed a link between autism and vaccination – a find that should warrant national attention, yet somehow was widely swept under the rug. The study, led by the Public Health Agency of Canada, found that provinces with higher rates of vaccination also exhibited markedly higher rates of autism – particularly when compared to areas with lower vaccination rates. As writer Isabelle Z. reports, “In Newfoundland and Labrador, where a 227-percent rise in ASD prevalence was noted from 2003 to 2009, one out of every 57 children has a confirmed ASD diagnosis, compared to the national average of one out of every 66.” Newfoundland and Labrador had some of the highest vaccination rates in the study.

Conversely, the Yukon had the lowest vaccination rates — and the lowest incidence of autism. At just 1-in-125, the rates of autism in the Yukon are nearly three times lower than Newfound and Labrador, and roughly half that of the national average. Certainly, nothing to sneeze at.

In another shocking reveal, dispelled the myth that vaccines are “completely safe,” by reporting on financial settlement data from the federal government. In just the first five months of 2017, a staggering 633 petitions were filed for serious vaccine-related injury or death (and that’s not including all the cases that go unreported). The system for reporting vaccine injury is extremely ineffective, such to the point that as many as 100 times more children are harmed than reported, but you won’t hear the powers that be saying that.

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